Masthuggskajen district

Global Business Gate will take its place on a new peninsula attached to the quayside and stretching about 100 metres out into the Göta Älv River in Gothenburg. The peninsula is part of the Masthuggskajen district, the first major zoning plan in the Nordic region’s biggest urban development project, Älvstaden in Gothenburg.

With the development of Masthuggskajen, the nearby districts will all join together, strengthening links with neighbouring areas such as Järntorget, Långgatorna, Masthugget and Lindholmen on the opposite bank of the river.

The benefits of the unique waterside location are being emphasised with a quayside promenade along the shoreline. The aim is to also create greener environs in Masthuggskajen for relaxation and activity, with a new park playing an important role in this green rejuvenation process.

Communication to and from the area, both land-based and across the river, is excellent, with frequent ferry departures, buses and trams as well as an urban highway (RV45) for cars.

The development of Masthuggskajen will focus particularly on harnessing – and enhancing – the local culture. The zoning plan also served as a pilot project for sustainable urban development, and Masthuggskajen is the first urban development project to be certified according to Citylab. This certification system for sustainable urban development, developed by Sweden Green Building Council, is the first ever to be entirely tailored to Swedish conditions.

The area is a mixed-use neighbourhood featuring a vibrant street scene, new homes, offices, hotels, parks, cultural venues and meeting-places. There is a clear focus on creating open ground-floor environments so as to forge a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere that hums with life virtually all hours of the day and night – here’s where you can work, live or visit. The open ground-floor areas also make it possible to offer easily accessible cultural events for the general public in both new and existing buildings.

Live and work on Masthuggskajen

The aim is to develop the area with new homes, workplaces and meeting-places for culture and entertainment. Masthuggskajen will see the construction of 1300 new homes and 5000 – 6000 new workplaces, with a total area of 320,000 m² gross floor space, of which half each for homes and offices. When it comes to housing, there will be apartments both for rent and for sale.

This development project is being handled by a consortium of partners that includes Elof Hansson Fastigheter. Elof Hansson Fastigheter owns and operates the Global Business Gate office project together with Alecta.

Read more about the Masthuggskajen urban development project here (webpage only available in Swedish).

Illustration: Kanozi Arkitekter

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