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The two companies Alecta and Elof Hansson Properties jointly own the property development project Global Business Gate since June of 2017.Elof Hansson Properties, a subsidiary of the trading house Elof Hansson, initiated and was the sole operator of the project until 2017.

The trading house Elof Hansson started in Hamburg in 1896 and moved to Gothenburg during the outbreak of the First World War. In Gothenburg, the founder, merchant and owner, Elof Hansson settled for the rest of his life.

From Gothenburg he ran the global trading business and met the world’s demand for pulp and wood in new and innovative ways. As a result, the trading house Elof Hansson contributed greatly in making the Swedish forest industry known throughout the world.

From the hometown, the Elof Hansson Group has continued to trade globally with paper, pulp and timber. In addition, the Group today provides international industry in all parts of the world with equipment and machinery, often in the form of complete turnkey projects.

In 2012, the Elof Hansson Group began developing and managing properties through the company Elof Hansson Properties. Not least, The Global Business Gate project is the crown jewel – here the Group’s core knowledge and activities will be manifested by an eco-system built for globally oriented companies and for international business.

In June of 2017, Alecta became a partner of the Global Business Gate project and the parties now own 50% each. Like Elof Hansson, Alecta has a hundred-year history that clearly shows the company’s long-term perspective and its belief in strong partnerships.

Alecta was founded as a tool, for employees in privately owned companies, to improve their financial situation after retiring from work life. Today, Alecta manages the pensions for 2.3 million people and 34 000 companies in Sweden, where the most important task is to increase the total pension capital. The pension solution created in 1917 is a model for today’s modern pensions system and today ITP is a complete security package.

Alecta is today Sweden’s largest pension manager and thus a central part of the Swedish safety system. Alecta creates the highest possible return at low costs through carefully handpicked investments. Part of the capital is invested in real estate, including interesting and upcoming office projects, and Global Business Gate is one of these. Alecta is today one of Sweden’s largest property owners.

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