Global Business Gates international business network for companies specialising in international trade and commerce

Global Business Gate is now being filled with companies specialising in international commerce. The result is an exceptional and sustainable environment packed with meeting-places, sources of inspiration, sounding-boards, co-working areas and more.

Would you like to be part of our network, just like everyone else who has signed letters of intent for premises in our building?

Sweden’s most unexpected and inspiring meeting-place  

As part of the network you not only get to contribute to the development of the Global Business Gate concept, you also receive invitations to our seminars on topical issues relating to international trade and commerce. At these seminars – the Global Business Gate Days – you get the opportunity to meet highly interesting people who are already part of the network, lecturers, researchers, students and others. The aim is to inspire you, give you the opportunity to learn something new and be an active participant and contribute.

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