International Youth Think Tank pilot study project

Global Business Gate supports the pilot study for the International Youth Think Tank project.

The aim of the International Youth Think Tank project is to give young people the opportunity to develop their ideas and projects and to create a bridge between youngsters and established decision-makers in the business sphere and in society. The mission is to establish democratic values, a climate of open dialogue, and discussions about future challenges. These ideas blend well with the Global Business Gate concept and are both directly and indirectly of benefit to Global Business Gate’s partners and tenants.

In addition to Global Business Gate, the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg (KVVS) also serves as guarantor and financial backer during the pilot study phase. Associate professor Urban Strandberg is the originator and project manager.

Global Business Gate, which serves as a hub for companies operating in international trade and commerce, is tasked with promoting “unexpected encounters”. Among much else it will therefore focus on forging contacts, creating networks and supporting cross-border trade. The Think Tank project is an important investment designed to together young people and the next generation of employees, on the one hand, with the business sphere and society’s decision-makers on the other. Global Business Gate, both as a project and as a meeting-place, can help build this bridge.

Think Tank currently operates in Gothenburg and the intention is for the project to have its headquarters in this city.

The Think Tank project has forged close links with a reference group consisting of significant influencers from different spheres and with different backgrounds. Read here to find out who is involved. Global Business Gate has a representative in the group. Do find out more about the Think Tank project here

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