Welcome to Global Business Gate Day #2

Friday 19 oktober 2018, 08.30 – 13.30 (breakfast from 08.00 and lunch included)

Venue: Park 49, Parkgatan 49 in Göteborg.

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Is the door to the United States about to close?

What does the new trading world look like after President Trump and an isolationist American trade policy?

Can we compete and to do so, what is required of us? Not least, how much of our export of 90 billion dollars will disappear if the United States closes the door.

In this, the second Global Business Gate Day event, we address one of the questions that the participants of our previous event ranked highly. The first event took a broad approach to various relevant issues and opportunities to strengthen the region’s competitiveness and position as a hub for international business.

We are now focusing exclusively on how we can and if we need to adapt to continue to have strong trade relations with North America and the United States in an increasingly protectionist political climate. What are the consequences, what are actual dangers and what is more of empty threats?

Our ambition is to highlight the question in a dialogue between our lecturers and you as a participant.

In this way, we hope to reach concrete thoughts, and not least opportunities and possibilities for Gothenburg and the region – which we hopefully can develop further.

Take part in a day filled with inspiration, learning and, not least, active participation.

Note that the program is being updated continuously.


08:00 – 08:30 Breakfast

08:30 Welcome

Lennart Hedström welcomes us, and Malin Persson, moderator, introduces the day.


Trade with the United States – reflections as to future trade

Student (s) from the Department of Political Science GU


The US perspective on bilateral and global trade

Paul Narain, Political/Economics Counselor, U.S. Embassy in Sweden


EU and US – what is happening with our trade relations?

Caroline Vicini, Head of EU Delegations, Washington D.C


The situation for trade between Europe and the US after the Trump administrations changes

Jérémie Cohen-Setton, Research Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington


Our trade with the US – opportunities and challenges from a business perspective

Linda Andrén, Hultafors Group
Mikael Kylberg, Mölnlycke Health Care
Mikael Forslund, Elof Hansson Holding


How to access the US market?

Anna Throne-Holst, Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York


Consequences of US and EU action

Michael Koch, National Board of Trade


What will happen now?

Billy McCormac, Managing Director Public Affairs, Prime
Johan Ingerö, diligent commentator of American politics, also responsible for welfare issues, Timbro



13.30 The day ends

Warm welcome!

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